where neighbors meet, people work, children play.where neighbors meet, people work, children play.where neighbors meet, people work, children play.where neighbors meet, people work, children play.
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Pawtucket/Central Falls

The Blackstone River was the birthplace of America’s modern economy – “the industrial revolution.” The Blackstone River Valley still has many of the KeepSpace elements that made it an economic powerhouse for 250 years and KeepSpace will continue the revitalization and modernization of these assets while building upon the cultural diversity of the area.

The KeepSpace Community Design Plan will work to:

• Increase inter- and intra-community connections, including a potential new rail station, linking independent residential and commercial development activities and traditional retail districts.

• Build on historic and cultural resources to advance economic tourism.

• Revitalize major streets such as Broad, Cross, Pine, Barton, Dexter and Roosevelt for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders, as well as cars.

• Continue the transformation of once-abandoned mills into beautiful, mixed-use facilities with homes, commerce and cultural activities.

• Integrate and build upon past and current planning and community development efforts. 

• Create homes to suit various preferences and income levels, some with ground-floor business opportunities. 

• Provide better access to and improved recreational activities along the Blackstone River, including picnicking, kayaking and bicycling.

• Support the preservation and growth of local businesses.

• Preserve and enhance existing jobs and seek ways to create new employment and local wealth opportunities.

• Integrate and respect the value of the diverse cultures within the community.

• Address the negative influence of foreclosures on the neighborhood.

• Address negative environmental factors.

• Consider and explore solutions to some of the community’s social challenges.

• Expand the community’s tax base.

where neighbors meet, people work, children play

“ I am very proud to say Pawtucket has been, and continues to be, a city on the rebound. KeepSpace now provides Pawtucket with the opportunity and resources to bring this Renaissance to the next level, connecting our initiatives and plans of the recent past with the needs of the greater community and an eye to the needs for a vibrant future.”

Pawtucket Mayor James Doyle

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